Heufler is one of the oldest families in Oberrasen. The first ever member of this family to be named in a document was Hans von Hohenbuhel in 1270. HeuflerIn the year of 1359 Jacob, probably a grandson of said Hans, moved to Rasen and from then on was called „Heufler zu Rasen“. In 1580 the mansion was built.

The main line of the house of Heufler erased after the death of Balthasar zu Heufler. From then on the mansion changes owner a couple of times. In 1953 Otto von Spermannsfeld sells the castle to Basilius Unterberger, whose offspring in turn sell it to the insurance company „Latina“ from Milan.

Since 1995 Reinhold Prugger from Olang is owner of Ansitz Heufler.